A Little Too Obsessed

One of my life’s little pleasures is to crack and suck the juice out of meat bones when I’m eating. But ever since I made this all-time subscription of motherhood, I’m unable to, at least not to my satisfaction. Not that I’ve become too civilized to ‘assassinate’ the bone but because my baby AJ will decide that’s the best time to interrupt with her little cries, right there in the middle of me having a good time.

That pretty much describes my motherhood journey so far. I had heard about the sleepless nights, nursing baby between short hours and all but I didn’t know how intense these experiences are. I’ll be telling lies if I say that it’s been a walk in the park so far.

About sleepless nights, I throw my fists in the air whenever I have to wake up and nurse when she wakes up in-between sleep.
Now I understand why some moms will describe something as simple and routine as taking a bath as a time for self care. I used to cringe whenever I heard some moms say that. How can “common” taking a bath suddenly become a luxury?

I’m not complaining. In fact, I wouldn’t trade the joy in my heart ever since I begun wearing the ‘mummy hat’. That one that makes my heart swell whenever I look at her. She’s so pure and a whole lot of lovely.

However, pain is when you haven’t had enough sleep already and you are trying to take a nap but just when you are about to change gears to zoom into the deep, you are rudely awakened to nurse a hungry baby. Premium pains 😂😂😂😂

You know, babies grow fast and mine isn’t an exception. Very soon, infact, sooner than I anticipate, this little girl who is dependent on me for all her needs will be out there in the world all by herself. I will not get to spend much time with her anymore or even hug her like I would really want to.

So spare me if you find me overly clingy and attached to my baby. Cut me some slack if you think I smother her with kisses way too much too much and dote on her more than I ought to.
I want to savour every moment now while I still can before life gets busier and I have to sneak out so she doesn’t see me go, lest she cries.


New Life Update

When the sonographer told me my baby’s gender, I was filled with mixed emotions. I was confident it was a boy. Well, the Chinese calendar predicted it. When I prayed and made declarations over the baby, I referred to him as he. I professed male blessings over him. I believed my guts I was carrying a boy. Boys are cool while girls are dramatic. They are picky. They need to be groomed specially. Their hair needs to be fixed, fancy shoes with matching headbands, shoes and stockings, dresses and ribbons…the list is endless. That’s all too much work and I shuddered at the thought of having a baby girl. Boys need none of that, right?

Daddy to-be had no expectations. If his first fruit was a boy, great. A girl? Awesome! . However, he longed for a daddy-daughter relationship. He also gave me a heads-up to be ready for the “rivalry” should we happen to have 2 of his sweetest hearts living in the same house.
So, imagine my wry amusement when the sonographer exclaimed, it’s a girl at my 20 weeks scan. “Huh? Are you sure? Check again. Can it change? Ok, let’s wait till my next appointment to confirm” but he insisted and that was what it was. We were going to have a girl!

Even though I wanted a boy, interestingly somehow, a well of happy emotions begun to build up in me and it was written all over my face all at once! God surely does have an interesting sense of humour.

My adoration of God and my understanding of how awesome He is will always shoot a notch higher whenever I thought about the life growing inside of me. Incredible is an understatement of what God is truly like. We looked forward to scan appointments because we will catch a glimpse of what our ray of sunshine would be up to in there. We never missed a detail. I watched in sheer amazement how fast she was growing. For me, it was the cadence in her movements, how she will cross and open her feeble legs, the way she pats her head with her fingers. How she opened and closed those tiny hands as if to receive something and oooh the energy with which she could move and turn upside and down in my small and growing belly. Those were priceless sights to behold. My anticipation to finally meet her heightened every passing day and I simply couldn’t wait to see her and dote on her, her father too.

However, beyond this fanciness is the burdening anxiety of the realities to raise a child in today’s sin-stricken, sex-saturated, and dangerous world. There’s a lot to stress about, from the negative influences of today’s culture down to the types of friends my child will hang out with as she grows. The world keeps moving from bad to worse! Parents are in a battle for the souls of the children God has entrusted them with constantly. The responsibilities are enormous, and the more you think about it, the more stressful and fearful it gets. The good news is, God wouldn’t have given us this wonderful blessing if we weren’t capable of handling it.

We know it wouldn’t be an easy journey. But just as God has been there for us throughout life, I know He will still be here. We choose to be intentional parents, a daunting task to think about but also an amazing opportunity to be used by God to shape a life for His glory. I pray that our lives reflect how loving, present, patient and protective like God is to our child(ren). “So, God, here are our hearts, hands, voices and our minds. Please use us to parent our child and to nurture her personality, curiosity, creativity and compassion.”

When God made me organize Extreme Makeover for God’s Cover Girls symposium in 2016, little did I know that five years later, He will make me a steward to raise my own girl child. I am humbled by this privilege to nurture a godly, sassy, bold and confident individual who will grow up in the fear of God. A girl who will become all that God has created her to be and constantly remember that her name is engraved in her Father’s palms and her walls are always before Him. (Isaiah 49:16)
She is God’s Cover Girl, indeed!

Where He Leads Me…

“Where he leads me is where I will go.”

I was very confident I would grow up to become a Broadcast Journalist one day. There were no two ways about that. Unlike other people I grew up with who didn’t know or weren’t sure which career paths to pursue, I was certain what I will be. I chose courses in that direction and in fact, you didn’t have to guess twice what would become of me in the future because I got that “x-factor. It hasn’t been long since those days. The days when I was so determined to become an astute broadcaster at all cost. Fortunately, or unfortunately, today that desire has waned.

I know people who didn’t know what they wanted to become when they grew up. Even when they got to university and you asked them, they still didn’t know. “How can you not know? So why this course or that course? “They just didn’t know. Most of those people, some of which I know, took courses that at the time seemed to be job-ready courses. Meaning that the chances of finding a job at the time of completion with that 1st degree were high. Well, it turned out true….

Back to my story, in my case as a disappointed journalist, there’s very little I can do with waned passion because in that field when everything else fails, an ounce of passion would be a driving force to make you pick up your pen and recorder and get back to writing and reporting stories. There is none left for me, a sharp U-turn.

But a girl needs to survive and that meant taking up any decent job apart from reporting news. I find it difficult to ask for financial help and so that meant I had to work for my own money regardless of how meagre it could be. So, like many people, the job I’ve been blessed with has nothing to do with what I studied at school.

My story reminds me that, “many plans are in a man’s heart but the purpose of the Lord prevails. “Proverbs 19:21. There are no truer words than this scripture. The word “purpose” stands out to me. It’s a great thing to have a plan well laid out for your future but what is God saying? I never imagined I will be where I find myself today. Never, not once! But here we are…

Lately, my prayer centres much on gratitude. When I think of God’s faithfulness it brings me to my knees in awe adoration of Him. He’s the master planner and he knows the end from the beginning. I don’t know why he has placed me where I am at this point in my life. I believe there’s a bigger picture and a purpose why he has me right where I am. God knows.

You may be like me; you have no idea what the hell you’re doing where you are currently with all the potentials you have. Best believe and rest assured that the picture would become clearer by and by. My prayer is for you to be diligent in doing whatever it is that you do. Give yourself wholly to it. God sees and he rewards diligence. I believe that while you’re at it, each day will take you a step closer to unravelling the purpose for which you were positioned there.

Wishing you God’s choicest blessings and may He lavish His goodness on you throughout this year, 2021. As for me, where he leads is where I will go.

I’d love to hear from you, what’s your story? Kindly share in the comments.

Light and Love,


A Job Seeker’s Tale

Blue and Brown Job Post _ Vacancy _ Announcement Facebook Post

“Who is Jacqueline?” Slowly raising my hand, I responded, I am, please. Looking in my direction, she said, follow me. I stood up and walked behind her into a conference room and while with one foot still out, before anything else, she blurted, shut my door. I froze for a second and proceeded to shut ‘her’ door wondering why she had frowned. I remained standing until she whispered through her nostrils that i should sit.

I was beside myself with raised eyebrows and ‘wow’ wandering for space in my cheeks. One question after the other, the interview came to an end in about 25 to 30 minutes. By that time, I had already formed my impressions about her and i couldn’t wait to get out of there gasping for some fresh air . My observations would later turn out true. I’ll be quick to add that I wasn’t intimidated by her mean demeanour neither did i fail the interview.

We were three ladies who had applied for the position but somehow, I was confident I would make the cut. I did.
When I received the call notifying me of my appointment, I wasn’t excited. I dreaded leaving my workplace at the time, a good boss with good benefits, and an environment I looked forward to going each day. Who doesn’t want any of these benefits? The only difference was this new offer was giving me a shot to garner professional experience in another field. So I accepted the offer regardless.

However, two weeks at my new job, I was ready to resign. I sent in my letter and she was disappointed and requested a meeting. At the meeting, I met a different personality than what I had encountered in the past few days. What changed?
She asked me why the sudden decision and I laid down all my concerns without mincing my words. I can’t work in a hostile environment, her disrespect towards us, (staff) verbal abuse, and sheer disregard for people including me. It felt as if I was walking on eggshells at work and it affected my productivity. At the end of the meeting, she appealed to me to stay because she was already impressed with my work and try to disregard her attitude. She admitted she could be rough sometimes so I should manage. Yes, manage.
Meanwhile, my former boss was waiting to accept me back with open arms.

To some people, this may be the pettiest reason ever to resign from a job, that’s ok.

I’ve been to several interviews where candidates are treated with so much regard as the human beings we are. And I’ve been to some places where candidates are disrespected and looked down on.
The idea that jobs are hard to come by and so people will settle for anything thrown at them is what motivates some business owners and heads of institutions to treat job seekers as pieces of worthless things and you’re expected to ‘manage’ or be emotionally intelligent.

While acknowledging that, embracing the nuances of human emotion in the workplace can have pragmatic benefits, such as better collaboration among employees and building a happier workplace, it is also imperative to ensure that, people at work are looked after.
We leave our emotions at the door when work begins and this has devastating effects not only on businesses but also on employees from the cleaner to the CEO.

Inasmuch as employees and prospective employees should take time in self-assessment to become better at managing their emotions, i.e listening to and accepting constructive criticism, resolving conflicts, or making better decisions, employers shouldn’t also make excuses for their shortcomings in managing people. Thomas Carlyle once said, “A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.”

Dear Employers, we know we are replaceable and jobs are indeed hard to come by. We are desperate and would do anything to get or stay employed even if we are mistreated and unappreciated but please be nice. Thank you.

Job Seekers.

Ps: Thank you for reading this far. I’m happy to announce i found a new job and i will tell you about it soon!

Light and Love,
Jackie Hanson.

“Are You Your Friend’s Friend?”


One of my 2020 new year’s resolutions was to make some more friends after realizing my circle of friends was ridiculously closely knitted. So far, I’ve made two, that’s good progress.
I am very intentional about who I let into my space and the few friends I have are those I grew up with or met at school and we have nurtured the relationship over the years. But for acquaintances, school mates and church members and colleagues, I have quite a handful.

I like to think of myself as very possessive and I take my relationships very personally. If our values don’t align and we don’t seem to share the same interests, I don’t know how far we can go. At every point in my life where I’ve faced a difficult situation, aside from talking to God, talking to any of my friends about my issues relieves me and I don’t hesitate to share no matter what.

I believe that being vulnerable with each other helps us grow and we can appreciate each other on a different level. They may not have the means to resolve my issues but merely being able to pour out my heart to them does me a ton good. I want to be the one my friends come to share their grievances and bombard me with their silly stories, deepest fears, and their achievements and all, that makes me feel happy and appreciated. For me, i believe it’s a privilege to be my friend’s keeper.

I owe my friends a hundred and one support in their good and bad days, my unfiltered loyalty and love. My friendship is questionable if I cannot go all the way out to celebrate their successes as if they were mine. We may both be wishing earnestly for the same things but when God chooses to bless them before me, nothing should hinder my gratitude and joy on their behalf. That’s a mark of true friendship. All is not well when you begin questioning why God blesses your friend and not you instead, That’s evil, it ruins friendships.

Nowadays, I think the word ”friend” has been thrown around loosely and has almost lost its true meaning. People are quick to label those they encounter as their friends. Should you take a look at your so-called friends, you would find out they aren’t really your friends. Friendship thrives on sacrifice. ”The only way to have a friend is to be one” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. You cannot give what you don’t have, when you don’t love yourself you can’t love your neighbour.

It is overwhelmingly demanding to be a great friend so don’t hold it against those who are unable to meet your expectations. When you think of true friendship, think of Jesus Christ; the one who gives Himself and makes sacrifices for us. He is the very essence of friendship. He knows all your strengths and weaknesses and He won’t go about telling everyone about your dirty secrets. You have no business being friends with people who always put you down, envy, gossip about you and are disgusted by everything you do. Is this one too a friend?

The world will be such a boring place to live without good, meaningful friends. If you can’t find one, be one! Shoutouts to your amazing friends, don’t hesitate to let them know how much you cherish them today whiles they are hale and hearty.

Light and Love,

What Are You Listening To?

Solo Artist Music Facebook Cover

Back in secondary school, I was the assistant entertainment prefect for my year group. Unlike most entertainment prefects, I couldn’t dance to save myself but I was a better singer and a pretty good Mc. I was minding my business somewhere when my mates who were vying for different positions became short of “eligible “ persons to contest for the position so they came to me.

One person had declared her interest in the entertainment prefect position and she couldn’t stand for it alone so there had to be another person to do it alongside. They chose me. (Insert roars of laughter) They said I could make them laugh, I knew how to sing and I could Mc so I was fit. My running mate beat me to it by two votes and she became the main prefect and I became the assistant.

Save the fans from my colleagues and juniors who will hail, “enter pee yorr, enter pee yorr” I don’t know what I did exceptionally. O well, I used to perform secular songs on stage too. “How can enter pee perform a gospel song?”
About secular songs, those days if you wanted the correct lyrics to any RnB song, I was your plug. I knew those songs by heart and the lyrics book made it easier.
The thing about music for me is something I’m unable to describe with words. When I love a song, I immerse myself in it, mind, body, and soul. Everything within me responds to it. These days, they don’t make them the way they used to. My favorites were Ne-Yo, Fantasia, Akon, Chris Brown, Mario, Craig David, etc…

Fast forward after school, in one episode of seeking love in the wrong places, (a discussion for another day) I suffered a broken heart that shattered me. (Insert More laughter please) Secular songs or love songs, if you like, were my soothing pill. Adele’s “Someone like you” was the anthem. It made me cry more, have a pity party until I fell asleep and when I woke up, I repeat…

After I recovered from that phase, I made a decision not to ever listen to these songs let alone keep them on my phone. In 2011, I deleted all of them and intentionally decided to shut my ears to those kinds of songs. You can’t deny that these songs are only filled with senseless, unedifying things and lyrics that promote fornication, immorality, and the like.

Some “gospel songs” we have today are indeed nothing to write home about but that’s no excuse to feed on songs of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:5
The more you listen to, soak in, and dwell on these songs, the more they align with your heart and your reasoning. Don’t be surprised when you wake up each day and your mind is filled with unworthy things, that’s what you get for feeding your soul with that kind of music.

These songs have filled the airwaves and so even though I don’t religiously follow them and their artistes, I sometimes find myself singing a line or two because I may have heard it but trust me I can confidently say that it’s just about 1% in my system. All I’m saying is, when you decide to get rid of such music, you may falter once or twice but don’t stay there. My husband, whenever he hears me sing or murmur some of these songs, will say, “ Ei Osofo Maame, this one too you know how to sing?”

My parting words to you is, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” Colossians 3:16
God help us and renew us daily. Amen.

That said, which gospel music is being a blessing to you at the moment? Kindly share. Mine is Steffany Gretzinger’s current album, “Forever Amen”.

Light and Love,
Jackie Hanson

Random Thoughts

I don’t get to speak with my dad often neither are we the best of friends but I remember one thing he told me when I told him about getting married.
He said that whoever the person is, I should be sure he is very patient, understanding, and tolerable.

One of my older married friends also said heartily, “Jackie, a man who fears God will never hurt you.”

Both statements are true and in fact, I need a double dose of the first starter-pack my dad gave me. I thought I was so tolerant until I got married and now the slightest thing gets on my nerves then quickly I remember to behave appropriately. It’s actually dawned on me I’m also not as patient as I thought I was and it’s taken constantly living up in my partner’s face to expose this weakness. Now I know that being patient is when my spouse does something and I don’t understand why, but I wait and try to understand instead of rushing to conclusions. This department hasn’t been easy but we keep learning…

I conducted a random survey amongst my friends and asked them what the top of their list is when it comes to the qualities they look out for in a man. One mutual answer that ran through their responses was that the person should be God-fearing.
This saying seems to be thrown around loosely these days that I feel it has almost lost its true meaning. To be God-fearing means to obey the word of God/Christ. So what exactly do you mean when you say you desire a spouse who is God-fearing? I asked and I was told. From what I gather, to desire a God-fearing spouse is someone with whom you can go to church with, pray with, or worship God together.
While all these things are great to do with a spouse, they aren’t what gets you through the day when you get married.

A lot of people in church tout themselves as God-fearing and when you ask a lady what she looks out for in a man, the first thing she’s likely to say is a God-fearing man without really assessing who and what makes that kind of man. Think about it.
Building one’s character in patience, tolerance, kindness, peace, love, endurance are what the Bible refers to as fruits of the spirit according to Galatians 5. One could be anointed and do great exploits but if they lack self-control or patience or endurance, their marriages would be nothing to write home about. That is how come we have a lot of self-styled God-fearing people yet lack good character. God-fearing people have also nurtured the fruits of the spirit and strive daily as empowered by the Holy Spirit to become like Christ and that’s what we wish to become.

I’d rather you pay attention to see whether your potential spouse, amongst your other qualities have good characters as mentioned above. Patience is indeed a virtue; it will teach you to be calm and simply wait in every circumstance in your marital journey. Self-control will teach you to be satisfied with your spouse and not lust after everything in skirt. Faithfulness is what makes you keep your vows to your spouse.

My older married friends attest that there’s more to going to church together with their partners and praying with them as they navigate their marital journeys and virtues like patience, kindness, faithfulness, self-control etc… go a long way. These are the things that matter.
The next time someone tells you they want a God-fearing spouse, ask them what exactly they mean. What do you think?

I believe God is working out good things in us for His glory. May He help us to build good characters and help us to become like Him daily.

Light and Love,

Be happy waiting for happiness

Lately, it seems I’ve been living my life in bits and in anticipation of something that I think will make me happier when I get it. I’ve postponed my happiness and scheduled it for when I get this or that. With everything that’s going on in the world amidst this horrific COVID 19 crisis, I’ve become even charier.

Before I got married, I was darn confident that when I get married, oh how happy I will be!
Now I’m married, I’m doing well. (Don’t be quick to conclude I’m not happy in my marriage, please) I’ve been home without a paycheck since January and I must confess that it’s taken a toll on me. This is never the life I envisioned for myself. Married, at home without a job – no way. Maybe that’s another Jackie but this girl had bigger plans. I was forced to start my comms. agency to keep me going but you know how these things go.

It’s a good thing to run your own business but for me, I wish I have more experience in the corporate world and that would help me become a better startup business owner especially in the field I’ve chosen. Need I mention though, that I’m very good at what I do? I can confidently say this and my clients are always pleased with my work.
Sometimes it appears I don’t know what I want but I do know and I’m confident I will definitely find it. It may take a little longer but I will get it. I want a job but not just any job, ‘a beggar with a choice’ 🙄 I want a job i will enjoy and not endure, a challenging role that will give me room for mistakes and to learn new things, a job that matches my skill set and one that gives me the opportunity to work in a team.

So I won’t stop searching for job applications neither will I stop sending in my applications. I’m also grateful to all those who have been recommending me, it motivates me. It gets boring waking up to the same routines in the confinement of my house but I keep moving and working for people at JHC.

It’s in these moments that my faith has been tried the most but I won’t stop trusting. There are times I’m unable to pray the way I should because of the circumstances I’m surrounded with, I hate to admit but they overwhelm me. But there’s a still small voice that quietly encourages me to be still and that God is preparing a place for me. That’s all I need to get me through till the next day. I’m inspired by God’s sovereignty, confidently holding on to the fact that he knows my today and my tomorrow is in his hands and his ability to provide my every need. It’s not so difficult after all…

Most importantly, I’m learning to wholly trust in God and simply believe in Him and His providence. That is, finding my trust in His divine providence as my ultimate source of comfort.
So I feel you if you have been waiting for that one thing you’re looking forward to helplessly. You’re not alone, virtual hugs. I hope that you’re comforted and motivated by these simple yet powerful words; “God is preparing a place for me”.
Until then, keep moving. I would too and be sure to find some bouts of joy in the things you love to do.

Edit: Shoutouts to my husband for holding me down and tolerating all my rants. 🤣I don’t get to go through it alone. Love you.

Light and Love,
Jackie Hanson.

Musings… (For People Like Me Who Desire More)


I have this one friend, let’s call her Alberta. Every time we get into May, she will start drumming in my ears, ‘’ei Jackie, your birthday is almost here, you’re growing o, blah blah blah…’ She does it as if i’ve lost count of the days and I don’t know that the day beckons.

In some years past, i looked forward earnestly to my birthday, May 12, although my parents never threw a birthday party for me or bought me fancy gifts, the euphoria that comes with celebrating your birthday and most importantly that you’re alive was just enough.
Nowadays, I wish there was more to me just being thankful. There should be more to being just alive.

Every day counts; the older i grow the nearer i get to my dying age. In a world where the next minute is not guaranteed, what i do with the life I’ve been gifted with each day is paramount.
Previously, i used to wallow in pity, ‘’help, life is catching up with me yet i have nothing to show for” and by ‘’show for’’, i meant the number of degrees to my name, the dream job, vacations, fancy clothes and other things along the lines of self-gratification and societal applause. I don’t have these things and by the way, i’m turning 28 in a few days.😂 Wow! Well, God has been gracious to me but this post isn’t to count my blessings.

I only want to know if there’s anyone like me who feels there should be more we can do than being grateful for an added year. What’s the point of piling up years yet doing nothing with them either than our normal routines and what we’re used to doing every day?
Our lives should count in different ways; our lives should be a testament.
One day when we die, we should be remembered for something that’s worthy and meaningful, beyond red lipsticks and high heels and number of followers on social media. That’s what i want for myself; to be remembered for something meaningful.

In the next years when i’m still on God’s earth, my friends, family, and acquaintances shouldn’t just send me an empty, pathetic ‘’HBD, WLLNP’’ on my birthday. It would be nice to know how i have impacted their lives with my gifts, my service, or relationship with them to glorify my father in Heaven.
We shouldn’t only be reminded of the brevity of life when we hear of someone’s demise. It should be a daily reminder like the way we remember to eat or take a bath. This can’t be overemphasized.

You and i are only passing this way once and when the time comes, i want to go meet the Father in confidence knowing that i have lived a worthy life and ‘’good and faithful servant’’ are the only words i look forward to hearing Him say.

May God bring us to the point of acknowledging that Christ is better than whatever we consider as a focus in our lives.

Light and Love,
Jackie Kwofie nee Hanson

Now A Mrs…!

After a period of deafening silence, I come back with a big bang! Yay! As a lover of love, a haver of hope and a believer of good things happening in good time, I’m happy to announce that “I got found by a man who seemed to have been searching and searching (pun intended) until he found a wife and a good thing” – I got married to the absolute love of my life on 26th October and ticked off one item on my bucket list, that’s to get married before age 30. Amazing, right?

However, if anyone told me I would be getting married in two thousand and nineteen, I wouldn’t have believed it. How surprised would you be if I told you that I met my husband in August 2018 and got married in October 2019? Colour you shocked! Go ahead and do the math 🤣🤣

Need I mention how awesome my life has been in the past year and how much good God has been to me? I had no business praying the “God, show me your plans for my life” prayer but to simply focus on trusting Him. For the record, I have never been desperate for marriage. Anytime people would say pray for your marriage, I was clueless and didn’t know what to say so, what now? Well, God is the master planner and captain of my destiny, and yours too.

I met my husband a few days after I had ended a toxic relationship, distant relationship. One I had been advised not to even try. One I knew was heading nowhere with all the red flags pointed in my face but still stayed in and justified it with all my might. Thank God I finally found the courage to end things with him, little did I know the beginning of the rest of my life was on the other end.

Now to the famous “how did you know he was the one?’’ question.
I have found it difficult putting it in words but I will attempt and I hope you can grasp it. For the first time, I could understand in a relatable form what it means when God says He loves me, my husband is to me like a personification of God’s love to me.
I knew it in the way he talked and treated me. If I ever wanted to see what God means when He says He loves me, I needed to look at my husband who was then my beloved.
I’m constantly moved by his yielding heart, teachable spirit, willingness to help and his intentions of making it a point to see my crooked smile and dimpled cheeks oh and his candid eyes. Yes! That is what endeared me to him even after writing him off over a lame excuse that he’s thick and taller than me … 😂😂😂 If I had let him go, I wouldn’t have been writing this today.

People have said so many things about what they think is the best advice for us to keep our marriage but one of the things I never want to hear is that ‘’the beginning of a marriage is sweet but enjoy it while it lasts.’’

Over time, I’ve come to know a very real and prayer-answering God through His word. He’s made a way for me in more ‘’impossible’’ situations far more than I can count and He’s the same God I’m trusting and wholly leaning on as we make this journey as a couple.

The life God is calling me to requires living with open hands and a submissive heart, trusting him day by day with the smallest of details and greatest of struggles and this is the principle by which I choose to live by in this institution of marriage He has called me to.

A long time ago even before I met my husband, I had said a simple prayer that God, on the day of my wedding, the witnesses gathered should be able to testify in their spirits that this union is of God and it has been tailor-made and knitted in love by Him. I’m eternally grateful to God for choosing us and inviting us into his holy estate of marriage.

I have piled a lot of things I want to tell you about and I am happy to connect with you once again. Thank you for reading! xx

PS: I find myself waving with my left hand a lot lately, pardon me and don’t judge me please. 😂Bye for now.

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Light and Love,
Jackie Hanson Kwofie.